In addition to excellence in cut and color, we specialize in a range of exclusive hair thickening and conditioning hair treatments, many of which can be done chair side to cater to the needs of our clientele.

We are the only New York salon that specializes in the Leonor Greyl Paris Signature Royal Treatment. The custom prescribed hair nourishing system utilizes plant and mineral extracts to infuse the hair and scalp, repairing intense damage and thickening the hair.

Founded in 1960, Milbon has invested in advanced research to create a portfolio of hair products that improve the in-salon experience by delivering quicker, longer-lasting results. In 2000, Milbon became the market leader in Japan and is trusted by professionals in over 40,000 boutique salons around the world.

Ricardo Rojas Atelier also offers the top products and tools for continued haircare at home.